Problems swapping Allen Bradley PanelView 1000 color

Regarding Allen Bradley PanelView 1000 by Rockwell Automation:

A client’s Panelview 1000 touchscreen HMI had a broken screen.
They bought a new replacement.

Uploading the program from the old screen and Downloading it to the new one didn’t just work.
Everything transferred ok over Serial, but the screen wasn’t communicating with the CPU over Ethernet and just had errors
The IP was set in the program in Panel Builder 32, and a fresh Upload of the program confirmed the new screen had the same IP as the old broken one.

The old screen had no fault led, and a solid green communications led, the Ethernet port had a solid green led, flashing activity on amber led.

Replacement screen had no fault led, flashing green communications led, the Ethernet port had a solid green led, no activity on the amber led.

The network looked like this: Contrologix 5570 with 1756-ENBT/A ethernet module PanelView 1000 Color ( 2711-t10c20 ) VFD

Tried setting the IP of the PanelView to, but that didn’t work (set in Panel Builder)
Saw the following errors:

EtherNet error 16417, 0, 0
Communication Driver Fault = 646 2,0
Communication Driver has FAULTED contact technical support 637


You have to set the IP in the setup screen on the PanelView
You have to disable DHCP on that same setup screen

Forget about whatever you set in Panel Builder, it doesn’t even matter, the panel uses whatever is set in its config screen.

currently it’s running once the PanelView was set to like the one it replaced (in the PanelView, not in the program)
In fact, in the program it’s incorrectly set to, but it’s running on 11 like it was set manually on the Panel.

Use cardboard to organize your laptop screws during repair

Get a few pieces of cardboard

Use a Sharpie to draw a representation of the laptop on the cardboard.  This is representational art.

Make sure to draw landmark regions so your rectangle abstract art is more representational.  Draw outside edges too.

Use the other cardboard sheets for different stages, e.g. under the keyboard, the screws on the motherboard, the screws on the bottom.

Label these sheets.

Draw dots where the screws are located on the cardboard.  Push the screws through the cardboard on these dots.  If they won’t poke through, make a pilot hole using your screwdriver.

If the screws are too small to safely be punched through, tape them over the dot.  Make sure to press the tape around all sides of the screw, so they don’t slide out one side of the tape tunnel.  You can use your screwdriver to poke through the tape and remove the screws for reassembly.

This method also works great for working on cars, or fixing other things like cell phones.

How to fix a water-damaged motherboard with rubbing alcohol

I got a Macbook laptop up and running again after failing to power-up after a sugary liquid spill.

If your laptop was hit with just plain water, consider the rice trick.  Get dry uncooked rice and rest your laptop in it overnight.  Might be a good idea to find a way to keep the rice out of the holes, while still letting the moisture escape the laptop case.

This laptop was affected by sugary goo.  Sugary goo conducts electricity.  Sugary goo can make a short circuit that causes your laptop to not start.

Before the fix the power light would turn on, and CPU fan would spin, but there was no Apple sound at startup, and LCD did not light or display an image.

This method is at your own risk.  I tried in on an already-dead Macbook with a motherboard replacement costing $400-$600.  Totally worth it in my case.  The laptop was already “dead” anyway.

Let’s get started. Continue reading How to fix a water-damaged motherboard with rubbing alcohol