Palm Treo screen replacement

Palm Treo 755p diagram

Palm Treo LCD screen replacement procedure

(performed on Treo 755p, same for Treo 680, Treo 755)


I bought a new OEM LCD+Digitizer assembly on eBay from seller 1-stop-accessories for $18.98 + free shipping


You will need a small torx driver and a small phillips screwdriver

  1. Remove battery cover and battery
  2. Remove stylus
  3. Remove external antenna cover flap
  4. Remove camera cover screw (1 torx screw), remove camera cover plastic (snaps off)
  5. Remove other screws that hold phone together (5 torx screws) one in upper-right below ext. antenna flap is tamper evident
  6. With all 6 screws removed split phone apart along sides (snaps)
  7. Remove back half of phone clamshell – speaker will be attached by wire, swing cover up and out of the way
  8. Remove the single phillips screw from the lower left side of circuit board
  9. Flip circuit board to left (will be attached by keypad and LCD ribbon cables)
  10. Note the visual look of the properly inserted LCD ribbon cable, see reassembly notes below!  Then, gently lift clamp on LCD ribbon cable connector to release ribbon
  11. Remove broken LCD.  It may help to gently pull outward on top part of phone’s front plastic frame to allow top of LCD to release.  LCD is not secured with adhesive or screws.
  12. With LCD ribbon cable connector released via dark colored plastic flap/clamp, remove lcd ribbon cable as you pull the LCD free of the assembly.


Reassembly can be tricky.  It is basically the reverse of the above, except.

  • Remember to make sure microphone near the charging port does not come loose.
  • Remember to check that the volume buttons on side of phone do not come free of clamshell housing, and go missing or jam during reassembly, possibly damaging circuitboards.
  • Install new LCD starting on bottom edge, inserting it into the phone’s front plastic clamshell/frame.  Do not force it.  If top edge of LCD will not go into frame, gently bend phone’s front plastic clamshell/frame at area that holds top of LCD, this plastic will bend a little, allowing the LCD with it’s slightly bulky electronics and connectors at top to rest into frame.
  • You may find it easier to insert and clamp/secure LCD ribbon cable before inserting the LCD into the phone’s front frame.
  • Important!  Make sure the LCD ribbon cable is inserted all the way into the connector.  It needs to be inserted completely, perfectly straight, and vertically centered in the slot.
  • It took me 5 tries on the ribbon cable before the new LCD would work.  That was with making sure it was inserted completely and being super-careful.  Symptoms of ribbon not being attached properly:
    • No LCD or backlight activity
    • No image, but backlight is on, showing blank white screen
    • Possibly phone will flash keypad backlight, but not power on
  • After inserting/attaching LCD ribbon, very gently close clamshell partially, and loosely fit phone’s rear clamshell (to allow inserting battery), test for display functionality before full reassembly.
  • The operation of inserting the LCD into the phone’s front clamshell LCD frame may be ever so slightly pulling your LCD ribbon cable out of alignment.