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  1. I loved your article about the door closer. I am looking for similar information for a home style screen door closer. Do you have any references?

  2. Hello Scott,

    the opener your are referring to is known as the Norton LEO (Low Energy Operator) inside of the opener it has a storefront type closer (Norton 1600 series)

    any idea of how old this opener is?? is it used alot? maybe the closer inside it needs to have spring tension and hydrualic regulation valves adjusted. also, any leaks seen around the shaft or from a valve?? it can be removed from inside the opener and fixed. if not, it may be time to replace the closer (1601 closer body) with a new one

    hope this helps

    Ray Lissone:

    the glass doors, are you able to locate any plates with 4 screws at the top or something similar to this at the bottom? most times if the closer is in the floor,( or head frame) it will have 2 or 3 (and soemtimes 4, depending on features of closer) holes so you can adjust the valves without removing the floor plate or coverplate from the body, many times if the closer is not in the floor under the threshold plate, its up above in the transom (head frame) now as for aligning it so they don’t appear to be sagging, this may involve needing a glazier or a door repairer to make it plumb and level again, as because of the pivot points, the closer has to be in line (perfectly) with the opposite pivot (whether it be in the floor or above in head jamb)

    now as for adjusting the door without doing this (having a contracotr have to rebuild the doorway to make it level and true) you can raise or lower the door gap up to 1/4 to half an inch while still in the frame (this also depends on if pivot shims are available to the brand of hinge/closer being used,

    the adjustment itself may look good for short term, but cant guarantee that it will work in long run due to the angle of the door in its skewed state and will increase amount of wear on the floorspring(floor closer) and/or top pivot,

    photos of teh doorway and the top and bottom can help me find out for you where the door closer is located,

    JLD902 (at)aim (dot) com

    hope this helps,

    -Jess the door closer doctor

  3. Norton Model 5700 barrier free opener. When it closes it has a jerky motion. I adjusted the latch speed and it closes without slamming, but still has a jerky motion. When the system is off and the door is opened manually and is allowed to swing closed it slams shut. Does not seem to have any resistance when closing.

  4. Hi Vera,

    There should be no leaks from the door closer.
    The door closer should be adjusted so that it does not slam.
    If it cannot be adjusted, it should be repaired or replaced.
    A properly functioning and properly adjusted door closer should not ever slam


  5. I was reading your explanation about the door closer. I would like to ask you a question.
    My landlord installed a new door closer on my communal front door, I can see some times oil running from the mechanism. The frequency of the people open and close this door is higher. When the door is open, normally it let the door goes, which make a lot, means need to slam it. does the closer if it adjusted should avoid the slam? Should the door be close smoothly. I asked the maintenance people, they said nothing they can do.Please give me a clue, I can not hear this door slamming every single minute.
    Many Thank’s
    All the best

  6. I am in a building in Thailand with 7 Diamond glass doors framed in nice aluminum. The closer is concealed with no clue as where it is. The sill is removable but I have not looked under it to see what is there. The problem I have is the doors are skewed due to buidling settling. I was hoping there closer would allow some adjustment up or down as needed. Also a couple of them are too fast or slow. Any help greatly appreciated. Not known where the company is from just a metal tag of Diamond near the pivot point at top.
    Two sets of double doors and three of the single. Age not known but must be at least 20 years old looking at the building.

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