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  1. JerryP,

    Rixson valves ARE staked, its done internally and a brass bushing holds them in, I would NOT suggest using the impact driver on it, you may end up damaging the valve and the cylinder inside the closer,

    the #27 has 3 valves, depending on the hand of the closer, and if your’s still has the large sticker on it,

    if the sticker is missing, there still is a way to find out what valve does what, stand on push side of the closer (the valve closest to you will be the backcheck (and hold open if this one is the selective version) the valve directly under the arm (if door is in closed position)will be latch, the other valve will be sweep.

    if adjusting the valves are not helping with slowing door down, 2 things may be a result, your unit may not be level in the floor or there may be a leak under the floor plate,

    if there is a leak, it may be best to send teh unit to a repair agency, such as Belmont door closer (in Franklin Park IL) or New England door Closer in W. Springfield Massachusetts for the proper repair,

    repairing a Rixson is a risky behavior, as the spring is really strong and require special tools to get apart and it can be easily messed up or damaged (or you get injured during the process) and is not encouraged.

    hope my advice helps,

    -Jess the door closer doctor

  2. I have a Rixson 27 closer that is slamming. It’s 12 years old. I can’t seem to remove the close-valve so am assuming it’s “staked”. Is there a way to get around this. Will bearing down with sufficient force/torque break it free? I have an impact driver I can use.

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